Indian Pacific Wheel Race!!

Yes, we know, what has a bike race got to do with furniture manufacturing? Absolutely nothing. But the #IPWR is really something to behold. The modern day human is all about making things easier for themselves; remote control tv, smart phones, mobile technology, cars – anything really that prevents us from moving ourselves physically.

The Indian Pacific Wheel Race is covering the distance from Fremantle Western Australia to the Opera House in Sydney. You can ride as many kms in a day as you want (or can) and you can have as much (or little) sleep as you can. Just do it in your quickest time. This race is totally unsupported – unlike the Professional bike races you see at the TDU or Tour De France with mechanics & support vehicles driving behind to assist if you get a mechanical. You have to do EVERYTHING yourself. No help.

The Indy Pac is all about finding those place’s within yourself where you feel completely depleted and so down you have no where to go, or total exhaustion but you just keep going, totally bored your head is going to explode or finding that inner peace – you’re content with just pushing the pedals over soaking in the scenery and the weather (be it nice and sunny, stinking hot, freezing cold, raining, pelting with rain, windy and yes HEAD WINDS!!).

The Indy Pac has not only captured the nation but has exploded across the social media world. At Comseat we’re very happy to get behind events that keep the body moving and keeping us all healthy. Although we’re not too sure how healthy you can be riding across Australia and consuming as many chocolate bars, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, many other bakery items as well as litres and litres of soft drink, can be for you!!

It’s about how much pain and suffering you can endure. It’s not a holiday, it’s an event – like a marathon – but it goes on everyday for weeks. (depending on where you are 2-3 weeks, possibly more). There have been many stories created along the journey from the Indy Pac. If you’re into cycling, you’ll already know about it. But if you just interested in how some of the elite athletes (not professionals btw) or the average Joe (or Joanne) have been managing. Do a search for the Indian Pacific Wheel Race.

We rode out on a couple of occasions to have a chat with the legends as they rolled towards Adelaide (Radelaide in the cycling world). They were most accommodating and more chatty than you’d expect given they’ve just ridden over 2750km!!

We just think this race and the people doing it are tops!


As we blog about this – it is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Mike Hall who was struck by a car just outside of Canberra. The race has been cancelled by the organisors. Our hearts go out to Mike’s family and friends whilst our thoughts are with the remaining Indy Packers who will need to make their way home, whether that be hitch hiking, car, bus, plane, train or continuing on the original route so we can all still watch your dots in amazement.

R.I.P Mike Hall.

We are very sad to hear of the tragic passing of Mike Hall. We, just like everyone else around the world have been watching the dots day and night move across the country. All participants in the @indianpacificwheelrace our thoughts are with you. A very sad ending to a race that brought such joy to thousands world wide. .
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Other Indy Pack riders we spoke with include: The great Sarah Hammond, Cycling Maven, Hard Knox, Tracking Jack, Michael Eeb & Caveman Chris