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Additional information


The timeless and effortless design of the Flipp Chair is one to make any space work well together as the overall shape and materials used are to modernise and simplify you home. The rounded detail of the Flip Chair is what makes if so effortlessly co ordinate with so many design styles. The seat is upholstered to make the most of comfort and ease when dining and to give a more formal look if need be. The durability of the upholstery is one to factor making it easy to wipe clean and handle anything.


Weight Capacity


Custom Ordering and Upholstery

In the coming weeks, we will open up our online ordering platform. Through this page, you will be able to select the product category, as well as your prefered add-ons for each product. Then you will be able to request a quote, and we will get in touch with you to work out the rest of the details.

Before you request a quote: We make almost every product in-house and to-order, so make sure you select the appropriate upholstery and options for your needs. Please choose a fabric from one of our 6 upholstery groups (link below), and then select that fabric in the upholstery group field. Once you've done this, and selected your addons, please leave some notes in the notes field of the quote form with the details for which fabric you're after.

Our range of Fabrics and Upholstery

We'll get in touch with you to work out all the details and then get straight crafting your order.