Who is Brado?


Don’t ask who we are. Ask our products – Brado

For a company that intends to make a real impact and leave a significant mark, it’s necessary to keep one’s eyes on multiple horizons. How else would one be able to shape the future?

  • Aesthetics.
  • Science.
  • Wellness.
  • Market.

It’s this overarching perspective that defines the Brado Contract vision. The four pillars of wisdom allow the company to develop rational solutions for technical problems, to invest in the physical well being of its customers and achieve top strategies in terms of production and price. When applied together, all four elements create harmony.


Where should we start? What furthers and engages our creative thinking? Our first response is great art, as a prerequisite to the development of ideas and thought. We are Italian, we live and work in Italy, and we are surrounded by great beauty. We want to carry with us the same ideals that defined the Classical Age and the Renaissance, but in terms of design, the modern art form at the service of man.


As in the classical era, here at Brado aesthetics and science aren’t considered opposing fields, far from it. They are work together and form the foundation of the research and development department, the most important department in the company. We are driven by foreign innovation and move quickly to generate our own original materials, combinations and structures to arrive at a well-rounded final product.


We look for ways to considerably improve the lives of others. This isn’t just a vision of ours, but an ethical responsibility based on ergonomics that automatically generate well being in general.


We are constantly confronted with the realities of the world we live in: we are aware of how business and finance affect our work. Reports must be positive. This is the only way to create “solidity.” While solidity may seem dull, that’s only the case for those without it.