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The perfect accompaniment to any arm chair or sofa.  We can make any size or shape in any colour or fabric you choose.

The Shift

Workplace injuries in Aged Care are a major issue for staff and a major cost for the care provider. People should not be injured at work doing something that is easily avoidable and now inexpensive to remedy. Also, as we are increasingly encouraged to “Age” at home, our homes also need to be better and more safely equipped, so these same injuries do not happen to you or your loved ones.

The simple but revolutionary SHIFT carer assist lever device, can be fitted to your existing metal or wooden leg dining chairs. This allows a 60kg carer to move a 120kg resident in and out of a table with ease. The SHIFT is available either as a complete kit with all parts for your handyman to fit, or we can arrange to have the SHIFT fitted for you.

See the simple Video on how to use here: