Before and Afters, Make New Again; to re upholster.

Usually we’re making new product from scratch with some repair and re upholstery work to fill our time in the factory. But every now and then we get to really breath life into some beautiful furniture that means something to someone.

Sometimes it’s a lounge that has been in the family for decades, some kitchen chairs that used to be Nanna’s or some really ornate pieces that have been found in someones garage.


It’s always interesting to see how things used to be made back in the day and how things have evolved – even in our traditional trade of Upholstery. Techniques of pulling on and stapling covers haven’t changed a great deal, but the materials used, how things are cut and the fabric we use have pretty much all changed.

Sometimes we find little notes to someone, an old shopping list and even money. But unfortunately we also find half sucked lollies, chewed chewies and the odd booga!!! So it’s not always a fun job stripping off the old cover.

Re upholstering isn’t always the cheapest way to get a new lounge as it virtually costs just as much to re upholster a lounge as it does to buy a new one – depending on the piece of furniture and choice of fabric of course.

But when you can’t find that piece anywhere because they don’t make it any more or it means that much to you; then re upholstery is definitely the way to go. From a sustainability factor it’s also a good idea. even though you’ll have a new piece that last years, you’re old lounge is going to land fill. This is a really sad end to a piece of furniture that has been handcrafted by hard working people like the Comseat Crew.

So before you throw that old piece out, take some thought about whether it’s worth repairing or re-upholstering. Ring around your local area, I’m sure you’ll find an upholsterer somewhere that is willing to breath new life into an old one.

Thanks for reading,

The Comseat Crew.