……And we’re LIVE!!!


Welcome to the new Comseat website!!

It’s been a long time in the making but we’ve finally arrived – albeit still some bugs to have worked out, but mostly done. We’ve been quite busy over recent years in the factory creating different types of product for our customers. Some of which we’re putting into the range as we feel it would certainly benefit others.

This website is a bit different to our old site – we now have a search facility that works quite well and we have many different categories to choose from to hopefully quicken the search for the type of product you’re after.

Again, we’re still working out the bugs, so please let us know if something isn’t working correctly.

There are many more products available whether that be made by us in our factory or from our partner suppliers that have gladly granted us distribution rights for their product.

Please have a look around the new online showroom – we’re sure you’ll find something new that could be just for you!

Thankyou kindly,

From the Comseat Team.